Hello, new and exciting world. Pleased to meet you.

For a while now people have been encouraging me to start a blog. But to be honest I had absolutely no desire to embark on such a tedious and obnoxious endeavor. Turns out, my feelings regarding a personal blog had far more to do with my complete ignorance at the time, and far less to do with self discipline and humility. Earlier this week a friend who has been punting this idea to me for ages revisited the topic.

However, this time things were different. He told me a story about how global corporations were at each others throats with only law suits separating them as a result of a tweet. A tweet? Holy cow.

Er, Holy Cow?

Yes, a tweet. Whats more, advertisers are embracing online advertising, online persona’s are gaining real world celebrity status, Conan O’Brien decides to follow one woman on Twitter and she gets offered her own TV show.

Yes, this man changed one woman's life forever.

It occurred to me that maybe, just maybe, I was missing something. Was it possible there was an entire world out there that I was unaware of?

Well, I won’t continue rambling on about personal epic revelations yada yada all the rest. What I will say is – Hello new and exciting world.

Nice to meet you.


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