Tea time? Try something a little different.

Yesterday I was spoilt by a friend. Which is always great. But this time it was particularly great as it involved tea, a muffin that could put your grannies baking to shame, and a chocolate cupcake that blurred the line between pure chocolate awesomeness and an actual real life cake like no other.

The location: The Tea Emporium – Cavendish.

Tea Temporium

Trendy design = bonus points.

The basic idea: A super cute sit down Vida for tea lovers. And a totally fun experience.

Before I had even had a chance to admire the pretty, trendy art on the walls, or the cottage style decor and displays, lit by beautiful down lighters (I’m a sucker for ambiance, what can I say), I was being coerced to a table where people apparently sniff tea leaves. Next thing I knew I was standing at the smelling table with my nose hovering around the tops of what looked like herb shaker thingys. Different, and surprisingly fun. With probably over 90 different kinds of tea, from Pineapple and Peach to Irish Breakfast, smelling all the different teas on offer was a unique experience to say the least.

We ordered. And shortly afterward two Japanese style teapots a.k.a tetsubin (little metal tortoise shell shaped type gadgets – rather cool) arrived at our table, along with two egg timer like looking things. The the waitress turned the egg timers (each one corresponded to a specific teapot). I looked confused. She explained that  when the timer was finished, our tea would be finished brewing. Rather scientific, and very cool. Of course, our teapots were accompanied by the fore-mentioned cupcake and muffin.

Chocolate Gnache Cup Cake

The critter that rendered me speechless. Which is saying something.

The menu also offers more meal savoury options for the hungrier customer (or one that isn’t a sellout for chocolate frosting).

Thumbs up Tea Emporium. We’ll be back.


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