“P” is for Peggle.

This weekend I did something I haven’t done since I was about 10. I got hopelessly addicted to a video (Xbox) game. In fact, I sat for three solid hours (the early hours of Sunday morning I might add), on a friend’s sofa, the two of us unable to budge until we had clocked this game. A fairly humorous scene, the two adults climbing all over the couch and yelling less than friendly phrases at the (by now) rather obnoxious looking unicorn, gloating at us from underneath a sparkly rainbow, on my friends flat screen. The game in question: Peggle.

One obnoxious unicorn, and his equally obnoxious however still super cute buddies.

My compulsive competitive nature aside – Peggle was actually a ton of fun. The random combination of unicorns, beavers and rainbows, coupled with the strategy needed in order to progress in this pinball style game gave it a completely addictive quality. The idea is to shoot all the red balls and bricks on screen using ten shots maximum from the pellet gun of sorts, held by your character at the top of the screen.

And the settings only got stranger.

Brilliant. Pure art-direction awesomeness.

Of course there are obstacles blocking your shots, magic balls that give you special powers, and the most random settings imaginable. If you haven’t yet experienced the awesomeness that is Peggle – even if you are not a gamer (as most of us aren’t) – do yourselves a favour and check it out. Great for a laugh.


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