Man’s best friend? Really?

The other day I was feeling rather gloomy, while pouring over unread emails. I hate sifting through those cheesy forwarded emails from people who think they are being cute (bless their souls for trying) but are actually only clogging up your inbox. But on a few occasions I will admit I’ve come across a few real gems. And before me appeared one such gem, one that had me in hysterics and sent my grumps running for the hills so fast it gave them whiplash.

Something this good must be shared, so here it is.

People have done some pretty strange things in the past. This we know. But these pet owners took strange to another level when they decided Halloween was for the dogs (ahem, excuse the pun).

They couldn’t have a pet with an abnormally long neck, so they got one with an abnormally¬† long body. And then they realised – they could have both.

McDonalds Dogs

Was the owner trying to imply something?

Cheerleader Dog

Blonde, skinny bitch on the cheer squad. That’s original.

Disturbing. On a few levels.

Yes, if we send the dogs this year, we’ll get 5 times as much candy, and the neighbour’s will be so distracted by the dogs dressed in ghost costumes each holding their own pumpkin on their doorstep, ringing the bell and trick or treating, that they won’t even realise. Genious.

A-N-D that’s a wrap, folks.


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