A little something to smile about.

Nothing makes me happier than a great piece of clothing (except chocolate, but that’s in a league of its own). However, my standards for what exactly constitutes great are fairly high. Great, in my books, means low maintenance (ironing? Seriously, what is that), works well with most things, flatters the figure, is comfy, seriously cute, and doesn’t chew holes in your perfectly fitted pockets. It doesn’t happen often, but when I find one of these little treasures, I usually buy one in every colour and boast an involuntary Cheshire type grin for the next few hours, at least.

Like this, but less purple.

My cousin (and flatmate) and I have a great system. When one of us buy a fantastic new item of clothing we come home and show it off. Then usually the other will speedily run out and buy the item in a different colour. This works really well. I love being able to just run into a store, grab what I like, and not have to deal with the frustration of empty hands and and unproductive few hours at the end of it all.

And our latest little find has been a real winner. How CUTE is this little cardigan? From Pick ‘n Pay noggal!

Thumbs up for our cute model.

My cuz bought the cream one, and then I bought a pink one and a gray one. I have fairly long arms (it seems) and love the looooong sleeves, so that they don’t sit just above my wrist and look funny. I also love a nice low, wide neckline. It’s always feminine and flattering. And the pretty detail on the front means that the rest of the outfit can be pretty simple without looking boring. We heart low stress style.

Oh. And it looks pretty hot paired with some flat riding boots or heeled boots, and a fitted leather jacket. Just putting it out there.


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