Fervent Optimism.

I like to write about things that make me happy. Be it just a little happy. Or be it a lot. Last week I discovered something that makes me “a lot” happy. Virtual world – meet Polyvore.

A general idea of what users can do.

Polyvore is like a socially acceptable version of dress-up paper dolls for those of us older than six. Only more environmentally friendly (less paper, more bandwidth). It provides you with an online user profile and allows the user to mix and match different (and very current) items of clothing from real stores all over the world. You can create sets of clothing (like an outfit), whole collections, templates, find contacts, and join or create a group. And all your creations get saved in a nifty little album for others to drool over and wish they had thought of that. Neat right?

A snapshot of my latest "set".

My little album of created "sets".

Feel free to pour over my profile as an example, or browse http://www.polyvore.com in general. Or hey, even create your own profile. But be warned, it’s addictive. And probably not one of the top 10 most constructive ways to spend your time. Unless of course you’re in the fashion industry. In which case, welcome to guilt free procrastination.


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