Because sometimes you just need a flippin’ good laugh.

Some mornings are great.

Some mornings you wake up on time. You see the sunrise and appreciate its beautiful rays flooding your bedroom. You hear the birds chirping away merrily. You eat a healthy, balanced breakfast and only need one sugar in your coffee. Some mornings traffic somehow doesn’t seem that bad. And if you’re really lucky, some mornings, that new song you were dying to hear starts playing on the radio JUST as you tune into your station of choice.

And this is how you feel.

But I think it’s safe to say that most mornings usually pan out somewhat more, uh, realistically. You abuse the snooze button one too many times. By the time you eventually do throw yourself out of bed, you realize you’re going to be at least 5 minutes late for work, again, even though you swore to yourself (and your boss) only yesterday that you were turning over a new leaf.

And then you remember it’s day one of your new diet.

And it's as if the alarm is seeking revenge for what you did to it yesterday.

You miss the weather forecast on the radio compliments of the annoying pigeon cooing relentlessly (and loudly, very loudly) right outside your flippin’ window. You fantisize about about stuffing a pair of black socks down it’s throat, until you realize you only have one pair of black socks left, and one sock is missing. You wish you knew the directions to lonely sock land, but you don’t. You grab a bowl of cereal, drown it in milk, and in a last attempt to have at least one enjoyable moment before you leave the house to tackle the mountain of endless impossible feats your boss expects you to achieve by 5pm that day, you take one big mouthful of breakfast, only to discover… the milk is off.

Or maybe I’m the only one this ever happens too.

Either way, some mornings we just need that extra sugar in our coffee. Or milk chocolate Lindor balls for breakfast (if you are so inclined). Or our “fat pants” and a kind friend. And if you had one of those mornings today, I though I might share with you something I found. Something that rendered me useless for a good three minutes due to of a serious case of the giggles.


Click on it and read all the way to the bottom. Just do it.

The best part is, if your boss catches you helplessly snorting with laughter under your breath while you are “doing research”, you have a really good reason.

Especially if you are not a Megalosaurus, and your cat is in fact healthy.

Happy weekday y’all.


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