So basically, when I began writing this blog, I decided not to follow advice and focus on one specific topic / theme. I figured I’d just write, for me, for fun, and see what common thread emerges. Turns out, I like to write about (brace yourselves): stuff I like (rocket science like no other, right?). And that means that today, I get to write about Max.

Max is awesome. Max is sitting next to me right now, probably unable to comprehend why I’m chilling with this white thing on my lap and making soft tapping noises, instead of galloping wildly along the Promenade with him. But Max has many interests to tide him over in the meanwhile. And once you come to know Max in this light, my guess is you will develop a soft and fluffy Max shaped hole in your heart. Just as I have.

And so, I present to you: A character sketch of Maxwell Oliver Peter (aka Maximus; aka Mr Fluffy Pants).

Max has few inhibitions. Coupled with a slightly skewed self-image, and a somewhat unusual love of chairs, Max’s family members have, at times, found themselves suddenly buried under 50kgs of blond fluff with very little warning.

But then how do you get mad at this?

Max is not a big believer in personal space. So when there are 7 empty deckchairs by the pool on a lazy summer’s day, Max WILL join you. On yours.

And will be thoroughly pleased with himself for doing so.

Max is also a relatively pampered pooch. And while his usual bi-monthly shampoo, blow-dry and purfum leave him looking (and smelling) rather dashing, he has been known (at times) to demonstrate an alternative style streak. (Yes, that is his tail. And yes, it is purple).

On occasion, Max also presents some slightly obsessive compulsive tendencies. Like when he insists on sleeping with his head ON the pillow (and thinks you are not looking). On your pillow.

Max, like most four-legged furies, loves food. And playing.

Turns out, however, that he is not a fan of playing with his food. And, after standard protocol toy initiation, decided this chicken – needed to go.

And while Max is decidedly rather, uh, special, he is also decidedly one of my favorite large blond bundles of fluff ever (in the history of large blonde fluff bundles). So in keeping with the ‘theme’ of this blog (if such a thing even exists), I thought it only appropriate to share.

P.s. For autographs and meet-and-greets, please contact Max’s agent (true story). And his people will get back to your people. Eventually.


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