What WERE they thinking?

I’ve been told I shouldn’t rant so much.

So, in the name of personal growth, I recently took a moment to reflect on the issue.  And I realized: it’s not my complaining that is the problem. The problem, in fact, lies in flawed concepts, and their acquaintance with my vocal nature.

And then I became curious. Am I the only one who feels strongly about life’s little absurdities?


So I figured I’d jot down a quick list of some of these seemingly “normal” yet strangly ridiculous concepts. Feel free to share your thoughts on the matter (if you agree with me… If you don’t, then zip-it smartypants).

Ok so. The offenders in question (to name a few):

Barney. The purple talking dinosaur. Because what’s frightening about a life size, english speaking, purple and green dinosaur living at your local pre-school? Also. For someone who is a dinosaur (literally), the guy is seriously developmentally stunted. Or seriously creepy.

Noisy kids toys. Because who doesn’t love the sound of a screaming 2 year old bashing on an electric drum set. All. Day. Long. #Thetruthbehindpostpartum

And you find yourself pulling this attractive face.

Over the counter gun sales. And ammunition available online. Do I even need to elaborate?

Now let’s imagine Hitler was in the habit of online shopping…

Sky scrapers. I’m not sure if you have ever played Jenga, but…

Pots with heat conducting metal handles. When I use a pot, I generally need it to heat up. But not the handle. Just the bottom and the sides. Because ideally, I’d like to cook whatever is inside. NOT MY HAND. 

Because this is not my best look.

White sofas. Because white is the obvious colour choice for a frequently used item that is never going to fit into your washing machine. Ever.

And make no mistake; this WILL happen.

Hum V’s. Unless you are driving in LA, you are not going to war when you pull out of your driveway.

And God speed if you do drive in LA. Or if you cut Gotye off.

Universal remotes. In theory – great. In practice – you now have to wait for the person who knows how it works to get home before you can watch TV.

Resulting in this.

And, on occasion, this.

And eventually, this.

Or maybe it’s just me.


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