Yeah, I’ll take one-sie.

Ridiculous romper-suits or one hit onesies? Think NOT, my friends.


Best you believe it. These nostalgic garments of awesomeness are back. Back with a vengeance. And also, with higher price tags. (No, I’m not just referring to your reputation). 

Adult sized onesies are hitting shelves near you as we.. well, as I write.

True story.


Bigger and better than ever, with more fabric, more fluff, and if we are lucky, possibly even some animal themed print and ears. It’s like wearing a blanket, that doesn’t continually fall off when you move. Which is, like, basically, heaven.


Shotgun the tiger suit.

Pair that with a fireplace and some hot chocolate and  watch winter become the new summer.


Sign me up. (Because this is how you look in a onesie – *duh*).

Rumour has it, these statements of zero inhibition will also be taking the leap into main stream, day time, street fashion. There. I said it.

(Go ahead, google it – I know you want too).

Albeit tighter and less the ears (we hope?), but brace yourselves. It’s coming.


(Hopefully not this tight though – or – um – as… confusing).

And I’ll just come out and say it. I’m pretty amped. Just think, it’s like pants, a top, and jumper all in one – that matches! No more exhausting decisions re wardrobe compilation, and early morning scurries to the laundry basket, to see if you really did what you suspect you did with the only warm top that matches your chosen bottoms for the day.

I say, bring it.

Here’s to Winter 2013.



10 thoughts on “Yeah, I’ll take one-sie.

  1. One-sies are huge here in the UK and have been for awhile…I got one for Christmas from the family I care for 🙂 it is the bestest fatsuit EVER!!!! Xxx

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