Anti-Valentines WHAT?

So, I know I’m like, technically, suuuuper busy, and I posted a blog just like, just yesterday (or three days ago – whatever), and that I have a MILE long list of paid work that I really ought to be doing right now… BUT! This little gem just popped into my inbox, and, in the name of selflessness (or procrastination – either works) I simply had to share.


Anti-Valentines Day WHAT? Specials?! Man – corporates are capitalising on EVERYTHING these days! You can’t even boycott Valentines Day anymore! Shame on us. Really.

I could leave it at that. But that just wouldn’t be fair.

It only got better.


Because if you are already feeling miserable and bitter, why not inflict on your sensitive regions the pain of a thousand rubber bands slapping your skin all at once? Yeah, that ought to cheer you right up.

And then there’s this one. This one I might actually consider – just to send a nice clear message to the man when he is erring on the side of contempt.


I feel compelled to draw your attention to the “No heart” symbol on the bottom right of this offer. Just in case you miss-understood the fury-laden undertone of this particular kitchen utensil.



Incase all else fails – there’s always old faithful. Because why should you have to break both the bank, and, potentially, numerous bones in your body after tripping over your own feet post 6 bottles of wine?

I’d like to make a note at this point, that my incredible boyfriend wished me first thing this morning. On national TV.

My gift to him? Business cards.

Apparently Groupon aren’t the only ones suffering from a bit of a *romance fail* this V day.

So I’ll take this chance, on this impossibly famous platform (yeah, my entirely mediocre, slightly off blog – with all of 3 followers or something) to return the adorable gesture and say Happy Valentines Day Grant Hinds.You rock.

Also, darling, on Groupon, there’s this really cool knife set…


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