Angry birds. And fish. And turtles.

So, uh, Winter is on its way. Finally. Not that I mean to dampen the mood (no pun intended – I’m just naturally brilliant), but I’ll be quite glad to be done with having freshly applied make-up pouring down my face by noon.


Because this really is nobodies best look.

But I do love Winter. I mean – not so much when I’m outside in Winter (in the rain, and wind, and general yuckiness), but, like, when I’m inside, under a blanket, in booties and sweatpants and a nice fluffy jumper of sorts. Preferably with a hot cup of something impossibly bad for my blood sugar levels (and waistline) in hand.

And marshmallows. Definitely some of those too. (Maybe not quite like this, but you get the picture).


And one of the reasons I love Winter so much is all the fun clothing that appears on racks and shelves across the nation. Fun clothing like gumboots with polkadots, and big fat coats that make you feel way more fancy-pants than you really are, and… really really weird beanies?!

Yeah. Those too.

Last season saw those pilot style, fluffy ear covering beanie things cause quite a stir in mainstream fashion circles (if main streams even circle? I think that that would be considered a lake? But not the point). But this year, I duno, call it global warming or whatever, but I feel like things maaaaaay have spun a little out of control in the beanie department.

Like… I should totally not be nearly as excited about this item as what I am.


I mean, let’s imagine me running out of the rain and into the store wearing this bad boy.

OR. Let’s say, rocking up at the Cosmo office sporting this sic get-up:


This one looks like somebody took the idea of that stupid “brain sucker” trick a biiiiiiiit to far.

But still, it’s kinda rad?! I’m torn.

And then there is this one. Now this one sparks conflict within my ambivalent soul. Would I have the guts to wear this? Probably not. Would I buy one anyway just to wear around the house to maintain a certain level of awesomeness? Abso-freaking-lutely. (Pity all the coolest stuff is ALWAYS for kids. Dammit).


Oh, and this one too! This one is GREAT:


And then?! Then I could buy one for the man, and he could look almost as legendary as I would! Maybe something a little like this… perhaps. (Wouldn’t want to be up-staged though – so it would be a weighty decision, nothing to be taken too lightly).


But, if worst came to worst, I could always pull out the big guns and shoot for this look:


And I’d TOTALLY be safe. Like. I’d shine. I doubt people would be able to cast their eyes away from the magnificence with which I’d be adorned. And also – imagine how warm this baby must keep a person?! Doesn’t, like, 80% of your body heat (or something like that) escape through your head?! Yeah. This is entirely, legitimately practical. Nobody can argue with that.

Yeah, practical fashion. I like that.


So with the “beanie department” trends for 2013 perfectly adequately covered, here’s to a wonderfully warm, cozy, and possibly slightly crazy Winter.


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