WordPress say what?

WordPress told me to write a paragraph about me. I think that would be a little arrogant on my part. And a lot boring on yours.

That said, in order to orientate the reader, I guess every blog needs a little explaining.

So. I’m 24. I’m female. I appreciate intelligent conversations and free sweeties from the Doctor.  On the side I’m also a freelance fashion writer, a psychology student, an au-pair, and a stylist (yes, strange combination, I am aware). And when I’m not buried in a text book, color swabs, a pile of laundry, or the subconscious of a stubborn preteen, I like to write about neat things that makes me happy. And that I think might make somebody else happy too.

Hence this blog.

Ok, done. Over and out.


3 thoughts on “WordPress say what?

  1. Hey Love,

    Awesome Blog… And no, you are not less purple than the Cheshire cat… You need to make the about link say login though so other people can leave some comments. Love your writing and you… and chocolate too 🙂

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