The Colouring Set.

Today I was in the grocery store, worried about money and keeping the cost of my purchases as low as possible. (As usual). To help with this, I try and do my big grocery hauls at Checkers. Since moving flat in January, I’ve been walking to the Checkers around the corner from my flat. This […]

WTF is right.

So, while living it up in a queue at the pumping local after hours pharmacy last night (compliments of some impossibly sketchy abdominal pain), I noticed this. For the first time ever. And developed a serious case of the giggles. (Which did not help the current abdominal situation. But did help my mood). Because I too often wonder WTF happens between Tuesday […]

Anti-Valentines WHAT?

So, I know I’m like, technically, suuuuper busy, and I posted a blog just like, just yesterday (or three days ago – whatever), and that I have a MILE long list of paid work that I really ought to be doing right now… BUT! This little gem just popped into my inbox, and, in the name […]

Yeah, I’ll take one-sie.

Ridiculous romper-suits or one hit onesies? Think NOT, my friends. Best you believe it. These nostalgic garments of awesomeness are back. Back with a vengeance. And also, with higher price tags. (No, I’m not just referring to your reputation).  Adult sized onesies are hitting shelves near you as we.. well, as I write. True story. […]

What WERE they thinking?

I’ve been told I shouldn’t rant so much. So, in the name of personal growth, I recently took a moment to reflect on the issue.  And I realized: it’s not my complaining that is the problem. The problem, in fact, lies in flawed concepts, and their acquaintance with my vocal nature. And then I became […]

Taylor Swift: An Inconvenient Truth

Yes. I’ll happily admit it. I’m pushing 26, and I’m an unashamed Swifty (Noun: Taylor Swift fan). But chatting with a few friends this past weekend, I realised that many people are under the wrong impression with regard to Miss Swift and her music. The popular songstress, it seems, is commonly mistaken for “just another […]